How a Retaliation Attorney Enhances the Rights of Employees

The inequality in bargaining power between the employer and the employee can be detrimental as one of them can take advantage of the other. There are employment laws that protect employees and enable them to speak out on matters that they feel are unfair to them. Retaliation is any action that an employer takes against their employee for demanding their rights under state and federal laws. This is prohibited in the country as it is a form of discrimination by an employer against the employee. It is a form of preventing you from reporting something that you feel is discriminatory and because of the inequality of bargaining power, you may feel threatened. It is for this reason that you need to get a Retaliation Attorney to balance the inequality and ensure that you are adequately compensated by your employer.

Laws that govern retaliation ensure that your employer cannot punish you for making complaints when you feel that something is discriminatory or harassing to you. Also, if you participate in any workplace investigation, the law protects you from any adverse action by your employer. It could be that your employer denied you a pay rise or a transfer that you deserved. If this is the case and you feel that there is a link between the employer’s action and you demanding for your rights, then you need to hire an attorney to argue out your case.

The federal law protects employees from retaliation even when the claims that the employee makes are unfounded. All that the employee needs to show is that they made the complaints in good faith. This refers to any complaints whether internally or externally to the body concerned with protecting the rights of the workers.

It is not always easy to tell that the employer is retaliating against a particular employee. If one complains about an employer’s attitude towards them and then the employer changed and behaves professionally, that is okay. You do not have to get to the same level of relationship as before. If an action by your employer affect your employment, at this point you can that it is retaliatory. For more info and to hire a Retaliation Attorney on this click The Law Offices of Filteau & Sullivan.

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