How a Full Service Animal Clinic in Olathe KS Ensures Your Pet’s Well Being

Modern animal hospitals provide one-stop pet care that can help keep your animal healthy and safe throughout every stage of their life. Fully-equipped facilities, such as Falcon Valley Animal Hospital, ensure your pet’s well being by offering:

* WELLNESS EXAMS: By trusting their animals to the Falcon Valley

* Animal clinic Olathe, KS

* pet owners can monitor their health from the time they are kittens and puppies. During a first exam, a vet will check your kitten or puppy’s heart, lungs, vision, behavior, and more. Once the exam is complete, you will receive a package containing samples of quality pet food and preventative medicines, and other things. The vet will provide a report card that illustrates your pet’s overall health. You will also get a vaccination and wellness exam schedule. These twice-a-year visits are an opportunity for professionals to ensure that your pet is growing normally, and allow them to detect problems early. They may recommend their puppy training classes, which are provided by an experienced professional who uses rewards to teach. The clinic will offer online help.

* DIAGNOSTICS: If your pet is injured or a problem is detected during an exam, the vet can use the facility’s high-tech diagnostic equipment to evaluate the issue. During a visit to the animal clinic Olathe, KS vets may use radiology, ultrasound, or on-site lab tests to diagnose problems.


* BOARDING AND GROOMING: Your pet is much less likely to be anxious if they are regularly groomed at the same animal clinic where they normally go for exams. In addition, expert groomers at the hospital will work to reduce your pet’s anxiety, while helping them look and feel their best. After grooming, animals wait for you in pet-friendly, temperature controlled facilities, and are pampered by attendants. These are the same areas where they stay if you board them when you are away.

The simplest and most effective way to ensure your pet’s all-around well being is to trust their care to the experts at a quality animal clinic. These caring professionals provide wellness, diagnostic, and surgical care to keep your pet healthy for life. In addition, they offer pet-friendly grooming and boarding services. Visit Website for information that will include medical articles, a newsletter, and even the option to refill pet prescriptions.

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