How a Divorce Attorney in Walker MN Can Help You With Your Custody Case

Child custody is probably the most emotional issue in divorce. When parents both love their children but can’t get along well enough with each other to parent them, disagreements over where the kids should live often occur. There are a few ways a Divorce Attorney in Walker MN can help a client resolve a custody issue so the children are less likely to be negatively affected by their parents’ dislike for each other.

When a judge has to decide which parent gets custody of minor children, the parents are rarely satisfied with the decision. While the kids might live with one parent primarily, the parenting time schedule for the other parent is not always convenient for either family. For this reason, it is almost always better for parents to come to an agreement about custody and parenting time. Attorneys can help by mediating and helping their clients focus on the most important issues.

Parents who are very angry with each other may not be able to speak directly to one another without conflict. In these situations, the parents’ lawyers can work together to try to come to a resolution that works well for everyone without forcing their clients to sit in a room together. A Divorce Attorney in Walker MN may come up with a creative way to set up custody so the parents don’t have to see each other during the exchange. A neutral intermediary might be agreed upon by the parents to facilitate custody exchanges and pass information from one parent to the other.

In cases where parents are constantly fighting, children are adversely affected. To reduce the impact of separation and divorce on young children, courts suggest that parents work out their own custody agreement. These agreements can usually contain anything the judge determines is reasonable. A parent who needs assistance creating or enforcing a custody order should Visit a Brainerd Minnesota Law Firm before trying to negotiate with their adversarial spouse.

Lawyers are often able to diffuse contentious situations because they are not emotionally involved. When one or both parents are unable or unwilling to cooperate, it is a good idea for an attorney to present their client’s case to the judge. Lawyers can present the facts without the emotions and help clients get favorable judgments.


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