How a Cold Roll Laminator Can Bring Your Students to the Group Table

Sometimes it’s difficult to get your students interested in a group project, unless of course, you introduce some new materials or equipment with which the students can work and experiment. If your classroom budget has a little wiggle room this year, see if you can get a wide format cold roll laminator approved for classroom use. A wide format cold roll laminator can be used by you and by students alike. Here are a few fun ideas of how this piece of classroom equipment can bring your students to the group table with excitement.

Collage Time for Science

Maybe at some point you take your class on a nature hike or a walk around the neighborhood looking for things that would lay flat and laminate well. In fall it can be leaves of different varieties and colors. Maybe you’re studying birds, so you look for feathers. Flowers and flower petals work well too. Then you use the cold roll laminator to press these objects flat or lay the objects with typed copy onto poster board or cards and send it through the cold laminator. Because it will not cause burns to skin, your students can use it for a number of collage projects with minimal supervision.

Create Story Boards or Books

Students can laminate printed pages to create pages in a book. Then they can bind their books with thread, yarn, prong fasteners, or round head prong fasteners. The students can share their books and stories with each other and then take them home to show their parents.

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