Home Infestations: How to Obtain Bed Bug Control in Scottsdale, AZ

Bed bugs, though small creatures, can really wreak havoc on a home. The epidemic has caused many homeowners and landlords to try do it yourself measures in order to get rid of them. The only problem with home remedies and store brought sprays is that they seldom work long term. Bed bugs breed quickly and can hide virtually anywhere, which is why hiring a professional for Bed Bug Control in Scottsdale, AZ is required.

Hiring a Professional

Working with Alliance Pest Management to rid your home of bed bugs is the best possible solution. Exterminators come out to the home and inspect for signs of bed bugs and come up with a course of action for removing them safely from the property. With specialized equipment and high quality sprays, exterminators are able to easily remove the bugs in just one or two visits. They will also determine how the bugs entered the home so you can prevent them from returning in the near future.

How Did the Bugs Get in?

There are essentially two most common ways bed bugs can enter the home; travel and furniture.


When consumers stay in hotels or travel by bus or plane, they run the risk of taking bed bugs home with them. They can easily latch onto clothing, suitcases, and other materials without you ever noticing. For those who travel a lot, check hotel reviews to ensure there are no reports of bed bugs and keep your luggage and unused clothing in plastic bags and sealed for protection.

Furniture (2nd Hand)

Another primary source for bed bug infestations is used furniture in the home. While they can be present in new furniture, most complaints have come from second hand furniture. They are small enough to hide in couches, lamps, mattresses, and even electronics. For this reason, it may be necessary to discard the furniture or allow it to air outside to remove the bugs.

If you’ve had trouble with Bed Bug Control in Scottsdale, AZ, contact Alliance Pest Management for an inspection and extermination. Getting these bugs out of the home as quickly and effectively as possible is their top priority.

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