Holiday Van and Storage Warehousing Company in Omaha NE

Holiday Van & Storage Company was formed in 1930. It later moved to Omaha Nebraska at around 1950 where it is presently situated. This company has over the years created an admirable name for itself. From the services and products, it offers to the dedicated staff. This storage company leaves nothing to chance.

Competition is stiff especially for warehousing companies in Omaha NE Omaha. Being amongst the best is a clear indication of what you expect from them. Holiday Van and Storage Company offers a variety of services; these services mainly involve transportation. Transportation services are diversified from short to long distance, international and military transport. Moving has further been classified to either commercial or corporate. This does not mean that one is prioritized more, only that the company intends on meeting all your needs.

They also offer storage facility. Their warehouse has met all the requirements by the state just like any other warehousing company in Omaha NE. Built with 24-hour surveillance; it has huge commercial storage spaces with proper shelves and racks. It brags of having a variety of storage packages, that is, they also have commercial storage spaces and residential. This is to avoid any mix-ups and also improves the organization of the company by avoiding confusions. Browse the website for more information.

This company offers packaging services. Therefore, just demonstrates that this organization is a one-stop place. Packaging services are done by the qualified and dedicated personnel team hired. They package supplies according to your wishes.

As a customer, the benefits from a warehousing company should include among other things; good storage facility and professionalism. This is what you get at Holiday and Van Company.

Mike Golwitzer has ensured that his company meets all your needs when it comes to storage and transportation. This is a company that gives you the best and leaves no room for others to challenge. From moving to storage and then packaging, this is the right company for anyone looking for a warehouse in Omaha Nebraska. To cut down, Holiday Van and Storage Warehousing Company in Omaha NE is the way to go.

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