Holiday Cheer or Holiday Chill?

If the holiday cheer has turned to holiday chill, and you’re walking around in more layers inside then you wear outside, it might be time to consider replacing your old windows and doors with energy efficient models that help keep things comfortable by picking up where your home’s insulation leaves off. Window replacement companies in Glenview IL have a wide selection of windows and doors to give your place a facelift and give your wallet a break from HVAC bills.

What to Look for in Replacement Windows

Wood and wood composite, vinyl, and fiberglass frames are the best regarding of insulation. With insulation injected into the void of vinyl and fiberglass frames, these frames can offer a superior alternative to wood frames. Metal frames are not recommended for windows, because of the difficulty of insulating them. Metal frames conduct both heat and cold.

Choose Well

When looking for window replacement companies in Glenview IL, it pays to go online and check out their website and their reviews. When you meet in person, make sure to get a nonbinding written estimate to compare with other companies.

Keep in mind that the lowest bid estimate is not necessarily the best. Take into account which windows they will be installing, the equipment that they will use, and how long the job will take. Once your windows – and maybe your doors – have been replaced, will notice an immediate difference in the temperature of your home.

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