Hiring Attorneys In Charlotte NC For Personal Injury Litigation

Personal Injury Litigation Charlotte NC assist accident victims during their time of need. They offer advice and guidance when determining the correct course of action for these victims. Their primary focus is to empower these victims to fight back against injustice and present the opportunity to receive the compensation that is rightfully theirs.

Tragic Automobile Accidents

Every day there are thousands of new fatality associated with automobile accidents. These accidents are most detrimental when the circumstances that led to them could have been easily avoided. This is the case when the driver who ultimately causes the accident makes the decision to drive while intoxicated.

Typically, formal charges are made against the driver who caused the accident. DUI within itself is a misdemeanor charge as long as the driver has not received more than two previous convictions. However, in the event of a fatality, these charges become manslaughter or more extensive charges.

As a family member of the victim you have a legal right to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the intoxicated driver. Typically, these lawsuits are filed after the criminal case has concluded and a verdict has been rendered. In some criminal cases, the judge may order the convicted to provide compensation into an estate for the victim’s family. However, this does not occur in all cases. If you wish to file a wrongful death lawsuit, you should contact your preferred attorney immediately.

Local Attorneys

Rubin and Zyndorf provide legal counsel for victims of personal injuries to include auto accidents, premises liabilities, and wrongful death litigation. These attorneys comprehend the nature of the victim’s hardships associated with job loss, lost wages, and the inability to financially support their families. If you are the victim of a personal injury you should contact these attorneys to assist you.


Personal Injury Litigation Charlotte NC are available to provide assistance in the litigation process. These lawsuits apply to numerous occurrences that often lead to a personal injury. These injuries often happen during automobile accidents, altercations at entertainment venues, and while using defective products. Conrad Trosch & Kemmy will offer a helping hand and guide you through this process to protect your interests.

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