Hiring A Social Security Attorney In Paradise, CA To Acquire Benefits

California residents who are suffering with a disability and unable to work could be eligible for Social Security disability programs. These programs provide them with monthly income payments. The amount of payments received is based on the wages of their household. For instance, if the applicant is married, the benefits received are calculated by the amount of assets owned by the couple and the amount of wages earned each month by the spouse. Experts encourage disabled individuals who wish to file for benefits to consult a Social Security Attorney Paradise CA. Visit website for more information.

Disability Programs in California
Disability programs available in California include SSDI, SSI, and Medi-Cal. Disabled individuals may file an application for these benefits through their local branch of the SSA. Once the application is reviewed the individual receives notification from the agency stating whether or not they were approved or if further information is needed.

In California, residents are deemed disabled if they are unable to acquire substantial work in any given industry based on a physical or mental impairment. Typical income levels that do not qualify for disability benefits are those that exceed $780 per month. The severity of the disability determines what types of jobs the person may acquire. They are eligible for disability payments only if the impairment is severe enough to prevent them from maintaining any form of employment.

SSDI, however, is only for individuals who are classified as disable and have a previous work history. The SSA reviews the amount of money they have paid into the program to determine the value of benefits for which he or she is entitled. If he or she has failed to pay any proceeds, then they are unable to file for this form of disability benefits.

For all California disability programs, the applicant should provide medical evidence to prove that the condition exists. This includes records from all doctors who have provided treatment. It should also show a starting date for the illness or issue. It should also prove the condition will continue for no less than one year. Any applicant who is denied these benefits may hire an attorney through Brooks and Brooks Attorneys at Law.


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