Hiring A Personal Injury Law Firm In Kankakee For A Worker’s Comp Claim

Worker’s compensation claims require employees to follow strict guidelines. Initially, they must comply with the requirements of their employer. This indicates that they report the accident to their employer first. Under applicable laws, their employer must send them to an urgent care facility or the emergency room for further evaluation. During this visit, the correct paperwork must be completed.

Identifying the Requirements of Worker’s Compensation

All employers are required to purchase and maintain worker’s compensation insurance. It protects against liabilities associated with employee-related injuries. When an accident occurs, the employer must file a claim through their insurer. After the employee seeks medical attention, their doctor submits a report designating the findings of the examination. If the injuries prevent them from returning to work for longer than one week, the employer must notify their insurer.

The insurance carrier sends the documentation to a claim’s adjuster. This individual examines the basis of the injuries to determine if it meets the requirements for worker’s compensation benefits. If the injuries don’t qualify they send the employee a denial of benefits notification. If they qualify, the employee receives a schedule for their payments with the exact value of these benefits. Employees who were denied benefits should contact a Personal Injury Law Firm in Kankakee promptly.

Filing an Appeal

The first step is to file an appeal. The appeal entitles the employee to a formal hearing in which a judge renders a decision. The employee submits a claim with full documentation of the accident and medical records. They’ll need all letters received from the insurance carrier and their employer.

Protecting the Client’s Interests

The claimant should never speak to their employer about their claim. They should also direct anyone representing the insurance carrier to speak to their attorney. Insurance companies utilize these tactics to gather information from the claimant to use against them during the appeal.

Employees who are injured on the job should take action immediately. The statute of limitations in Illinois for personal injury claims is two years. They should contact a Personal Injury Law Firm in Kankakee or click here to find out more now.

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