Hiring A Domestic Abuse Attorney To Keep Your Family Safe

The state of New York identifies domestic abuse as the use of any combination of tactics perpetrated by an individual to maintain control over an intimate partner. The tactics may include economic, sexual, physical, or psychological elements used to exude power through coercion. If you believe you are a victim and need a Domestic Abuse Attorney now, you should contact Zaloba Edward immediately.

Understanding Your Rights

The first course of action when domestic abuse or violence is present in a home environment is to contact law enforcement and file a report. This presents the court with a record of the abuse and provides the officers with the opportunities to record your statement and acquire evidence against your attacker. While the law cannot detain the individual beyond the restrictions ordered by the judge, they can help you and your family by placing you in a safer environment.

Order of Protection

An order of protection is a document that defines restrictions imposed on your attacker. If you wish to remain in your home, this order can render it illegal for them to visit this location. Victims who have children in which domestic violence has become an issue can utilize these orders to define visitation rights. This could include supervised visitation, which is monitored by an officer of the court to protect the children. Any violation of this order results in the immediate arrest of the perpetrator.

Connected Divorce Cases

If a divorce case has begun, this document is upheld based on the advice of the judge. The results of the divorce case determine whether or not the order of protection will continue once the process is final. However, there are criminal penalties imposed on violators of the domestic abuse and violence laws in the state of New York.

Domestic abuse presents an unsafe environment not only for the victim but also for their children. As the case is prosecuted through criminal court, the judge will initiate penalties and future stipulations to keep all parties safe from harm. If you have become a victim and need help, you should contact a Domestic Abuse Attorney today by visiting the website.

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