Hiring A Construction Accident Attorney In Nassau County NY To Initiate Victim’s Rights

The state reserves the right to fight against construction companies that fail to comply with building codes initiated to protect workers. All OSHA standards and New York Building Codes are upheld and required of each work site established for construction purposes. Any worker who sustains an injury while working in a construction zone should contact a Construction Accident Attorney in Nassau County NY to discover more about these laws and codes.

Ensuring the Safety of Workers and the Public

According to New York Building Code 3301.3, all construction sites require the assignment of a site safety manager. This manager is directly responsible for setting up and inspecting all safety-based apparatuses throughout the work site. They are equally accountable for inspecting all equipment intended for use for the designated project. Any defects, that are discovered, require immediate repair before the project begins; equipment deemed irreparable is removed to prevent use and probable injuries.

This manager is additionally required, under New York Building Code 3301.9 to ensure that all areas, in which a risk to pedestrians or the public is present, have appropriate signs indicating these risks. These requirements for these signs are as follows: plywood or sheet metal that is three-quarters of an inch in thickness, lettering should measure no less than three inches, and the sign should be black with white lettering. The building code requires the manager to place these signs on the construction site at least 24-hours prior to the first day of the project; they should remain within the construction area until the project’s completion.

Reporting Construction Accidents

Under the New York State Building Code 3301.8, all designated site safety managers are responsible for reporting accidents and injuries that occur within the work site. Furthermore, construction workers and the public are protected under New York Statute Sections 200, which establishes laws for acts of negligence. All construction workers are protected against fault in Section 240(1) and 241(6) which designates the contractors, building owners, and site-safety management as the parties that are liable in the event of a construction accident. Anyone who is injured within a construction site has the right to seek the assistance of a Construction Accident Attorney in Nassau County NY to initiate these rights.

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