Hire Professional Exterminators for Effective Pest Control in Boca Raton

Insects and pests are always a threat to a home. It can be termites one year and bed bugs the next. Insecticide applications don’t protect a home forever. They wear away after several months. Therefore a good Pest Control in Boca Raton strategy is to form a long-term partnership with a company such as Bates Exterminating. They have certified technicians who know how to deal with termites, bed bugs and general pests. That can include ants, bees, rodents and spiders. Homeowners can choose to wait until they see a problem or have the experienced professionals perform preventative maintenance each year.

Many insect infestations begin in the yard. A dead tree stump or wood pile can be a magnate for termites. If these are kept close to the home, the termites might decide to head for the wood deck or clapboards. After dealing with many of these issues, Bates Exterminating decided to enter the lawn care business. Not only can they keep a yard looking beautiful, they can keep it pest free as well.

Not all pests are small insects. Raccoons and bats can cause a great deal of damage to a home. Raccoons can establish themselves under a deck very easily. They may be quiet while the homeowners are enjoying the deck during the day. However, at night the homeowners may see these nocturnal creatures scurrying around their yard. They can carry many forms of disease and should be removed from the home. Professional Pest Control in Boca Raton techniques include removing the animal while it’s alive and relocating it to an appropriate wildlife location.

Bees and wasps can pose special problems when they decide to build their hive in a home’s walls. Homeowners may begin to notice a subtle noise or humming in their wall. They’ll also notice that they always seem to have a stray bee or wasp flying around their home. Their first reaction may be to take a can of insecticide and spray the access point. Often they can get badly stung using this strategy. Professionals know how to safely remove honey bees and kill wasps. They will also thoroughly clean up the hive area. If any honey is left behind, it could cause an ant problem.


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