Hire Glass Installers for Repairs and Patio Door Installation in Columbia, MD

If you have a patio on the back of your house, then you probably have access to it via a patio door. While patio doors are usually sturdy, the glass can be broken by debris during a storm or intentionally by thieves. If your patio door glass needs to be replaced, you should hire professional glass installers to do the work.

Types of Patio Doors

There are two types of doors that access a patio: sliding glass doors or French doors. The glass in sliding doors is required to be tempered, so if it does break, it shatters into pieces to prevent injuries to anyone nearby. Since tempered glass cannot be cut once the glass sheets are produced, the doors come in standard sizes.

The glass in French doors, of which there are several panes or lites, is not usually tempered. To replace glass in a patio door, you should contact professional glass installers to replace the glass and take care of the patio door installation in Columbia, MD.

Custom Glass Options

The glass of a sliding patio door doesn’t always need to be translucent or just a sheet of glass. You can have the glass customized by installing grids in it to give the door a more decorative appearance. In addition, the glass can be frosted, so after the patio door installation, you will have more privacy if you have neighbors nearby.

To remove and replace the glass of a sliding glass door, the door usually needs to be removed. Although you can remove it and take it to the glass company, it is better for them to perform this task, as well as the patio door installation, once the repairs have been made. To learn more about the glass options for patio doors, whether they’re sliding or French doors, click here for more information.

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