Hire an Expert to Replace Sewer Lines or Repair The Sewer Pipes Around Your Home

There are times when a home suffers serious sewer problems. These usually manifest as clogged lines and a toilet that doesn’t flush properly or a tub that drains slowly. Unfortunately, this particular problem can’t be fixed by regular means and even if the plumber manages to eliminate the blockage, the problem will quickly return. These troubles happen when the sewer lines are cracked and damaged. The cause of the damage will vary from excess weight on the pipes or simple, old age. Another possible source of failure is the material the pipes are made from. For instance, some older sewer pipes were made from clay and often break after years of usage.

Once these pipes become damaged it is definitely time to Replace Sewer Lines. The full repair typically involves digging out the old lines and installing new ones. This type of repair will require trenching out the pipes and is a very involved job. The primary problem is the damage that can occur to your lawn. Of course, the problems caused by broken sewer pipes will destroy large portions of the yard anyhow, so this isn’t a major factor for most people. Plus, leaving a broken sewer line alone is a very unsanitary situation.

Depending on the type of sewer line you have and the severity of the problem it may be possible to use an alternative method of repair. One of the trenchless repair methods use a sleeve to line the pipe and block the sewer leaks. The other type of trenchless repair uses a technique of pipe replacement called pipe bursting. It essentially pushes the old pipe out of the way while replacing it with a new one. The beauty of these repairs is the reduced damage they do to your lawn and the typically lower cost of the repair.

Unfortunately, no sewer line repair is cheap and the longer the sewer line the worse the repair will be, but to ensure you have the most reasonably priced option make sure you discuss all the alternatives with your plumbing contractor. When it comes time for you to Replace Sewer Lines around your home be sure to contact the experts at Bode’s Electric. Like us at Facebook.

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