Hire A Social Security Disability Attorney In Fort Worth, Texas

The Social Security Administration (SSA) uses its Blue Book to determine if applicants are disabled. The Blue Book is a list of impairments that qualify people to receive benefits right away. The SSA requires applicants to show medical evidence of an illness listed in the book. The agency especially likes to see lab tests, imaging results and other diagnostic reports. However, there are some illnesses that cannot be measured by testing. For example, mental impairments limit the ability of applicants to function. It may be hard to produce a test that shows the limitations.

That is why it is important to hire a Social Security Disability attorney in Fort Worth TX. Attorneys know the type of medical evidence that is required to win a disability claim. He or she reviews the client’s file to verify whether additional testing or other evidence will bolster the case. Often, they work with clients to help them secure the missing information. Further, attorneys make sure that irrelevant information is not submitted to the SSA. They know Administrative Law Judges (ALJs) only want to read pertinent documents. A letter from a treating physician, supporting one’s disability, is really valuable. However, physicians are often hesitant to help applicants. Sometimes, they don’t have enough information about the process. Physicians may be more willing to get involved if another professional, like an attorney, asks them to.

Another reason to hire a social security disability attorney in Fort Worth TX is the ability to win hearings. Attorneys are more successful at hearings than pro se applicants. One reason is they know most of the ALJs in the area. The attorney is familiar with what type of evidence the ALJ wants to see. Additionally, they know how the ALJ conducts hearings. Often, the SSA calls expert witnesses in the vocational field. Vocational experts almost always testify that the applicant can still work. The attorney knows the right questions to ask the expert to counter the testimony. Finally, the ALJ questions the applicant about their impairment and tries to verify whether they are telling the truth. The disability process is difficult and it is important to have a very experienced attorney.

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