Hire a NYC Private Investigator to Find Out About a Cheating Spouse

Divorce is never a pleasant process, but when children are involved it can become very emotional. A parent may be concerned that their spouse is putting their child in danger, because of the company they’re keeping. A NYC private investigator can conduct a thorough investigation and determine which adults have access to the children. Newspaper accounts often relate that a child was injured by the mother’s boyfriend, while they were watching them. It is therefore critical to know who is in the child’s home and more importantly who is allowed to be alone with them.

Some judges still assume that it is best for a small child to be with their mother. Fathers can fight this assumption with the facts of the mother’s lifestyle. A NYC private investigator can document how many men the mother associates with on a regular basis. They can perform background checks on these men to determine if they have any criminal history. It’s especially important to know if they’ve been accused or convicted of domestic violence. Once the documentation is prepared, the judge can use it to determine which parent should receive custody of the children.

A mother may request that her husband leave their home and continue to support her and her children in that house for the good of the children. If a licensed investigator finds that she has already moved in a boyfriend that could definitely affect how much alimony the judge decides that she deserves. It could also affect whether or not the mother is granted child custody New York. At each step in the process the judge is supposed to determine how their decision affects children first and then the parent. A woman who was cheating on her husband prior to filing for divorce may not be considered the most reliable parent.

Once a husband suspects that his wife is having an affair, he should hire a professional investigator to document it. This won’t prevent him from working through the problems with his wife and a marriage counselor. However, if that process doesn’t work out, then he is protected from his wife claiming he was to blame and asking for a large alimony settlement or sole custody of the kids. The judge will see well-organized evidence of her actions and the husband’s innocence.

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