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by | Dec 19, 2013 | Lawyers

It is common for married couples to get divorced in the United States. Claiming irreconcilable differences is a popular reason for people to end their marriage; they simply can not get along. Sometimes, it is better for people to go their separate ways rather than try to work it out when both parties are clearly unhappy. A divorce can be a messy experience. Beyond fighting all the time, people now have to split their assets including homes, cars, appliances, and money in the bank.

Sometimes, there are not a lot of valuables like additional land or businesses, so the process is relatively smooth. Other times, it can be extremely hard to decipher what is his and hers. Hiring a lawyer during a divorce is ideal to make sure both people get the items they deserve.

It is even more difficult to go through a divorce when children are involved. Children under 18 years of age will also be tied into the divorce proceedings. Important decisions like who the children will live with must be made. A Camp Hill Child Custody Attorney can help arrange visitation rights and child support actions for the parent who does not get custody. However, there are different types of custody including sole and joint. Sole custody is when one parent has both physical and legal rights over the children entirely while joint is when physical and legal rights are shared.


Sometimes, it is clear which parent should raise the children as the other may not be fit, which may be the whole reason for the divorce in the first place. However, in other cases, both parents want to take care of their children and raise them in their homes. Obviously, this is impossible, as people can not be in two places at once. Therefore, it is wise to hire a Child Custody Attorney Camp Hill to ensure someone represents the parent who truly wants his or her children. In other cases, a Child Custody Attorney Camp Hill is required for parents who are not married nor going through a divorce. Single parents still have to arrange child support, visitations, and custody if they are not living with the other person. Get in touch with Serratelli, Schiffman & Brown P.C. for more details!

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