Hidden Costs In Do-It-Yourself Moves Over Hiring Denver Moving Services

One of the biggest myths about moving is that somehow it is less cost, less stress, and less risk of damage to your items if you choose to do the move yourself. While this may be true if you are moving just a few items or if you have nothing of size or value, hiring professional moving services in Denver often turns out to be the best, and the most reasonably priced option.

Of course, not all moving services are the same. Working with an established, professional company with permanent employees and dedicated trucks and drivers is always the best option. With that factor in mind, consider the hidden costs of trying to complete a do-it-yourself move for an average 4 bedroom home.

Cost of Truck and Materials Rental

Unless you are moving from college or a furnished apartment or rental home, you are going to need a lot of room for furniture and boxes for an average family in a four-bedroom home. Boxes should be new, so there is a cost for these items that is typically higher than moving services charge.

It also means renting, at least, a truck a 22-foot truck, which is about the size of an extra-long motor home. These are a challenge to drive in busy city traffic, and they are also difficult to park, drive in reverse and simply maneuver in urban areas. These trucks typically run on diesel, and they get about 8 to 10 miles per gallon in fuel efficiency. For longer moves this can add up in costs.

Unlike professional moving services, you don’t get all the wrapping and padding with the truck, that also has to be rented. You will need to have enough pads to cover large furniture items and protect items from boxes and other cargo. Additionally, you may need to rent dollies and strapping as well.
Keep in mind, you only have 24 hours for the rental. If run into a snag, you will find your rental price easily doubles, and there may be additional penalties based on the contract.

Getting Help

Whether you are moving in Denver or any other area, finding people to help is always a problem. Sometimes the people show up to help, but they end up damaging your items, and you won’t have any coverage except what your homeowner’s insurance offers.

With these things in mind and not just the actual cost of hiring moving services, it is easy to see how stressful and potentially costly doing your move will be. Remember, with moving services all the hard work is done for you, which makes this the best option.

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