Helping Your Firm Stand Out with Contingency Law Firm Marketing

by | Jan 8, 2015 | Lawyers

When you begin looking for a law firm, chances are you will find more than a few that claim to be “client focused,” “care about their clients,” “responsive,” or “efficient,” among other all-too-common claims. While your firm may actually provide these things and emphasize the attributes, you have to consider that everyone else is doing the very same thing.

This is why you need to invest in contingency law firm marketing to ensure that your practice stands out from the rest. Here are some ways these marketing services will give you an edge over your competition.

Offer more than just promises to your customers

*     Lay out the strategy and the process you use in order to demonstrate the experience you have, rather than just stating “10 years of experience.”

*     If you are claiming to have a team approach to each case, include a picture of your team and bios.

*     Offer a chart that outlines each person’s job and role on your team and their individual contact information.

When you provide proof, customers will see that you are not just making statements that you cannot back up. This is an essential part of an effective strategy for contingency law firm marketing.

Provide some type of service guarantee

As an attorney, you will not be able to guarantee the outcome of a specific situation; however, you can provide a service guarantee. This can include
things such as emails and phone calls within a specified amount of time, when you will provide clients with reports on progress or status and general
communications information.

You may also want to offer to visit your client, without charge, in order to better understand the legal issues they are facing. You can show that you are providing them quality services and not just focused on earning a profit.

Always back up your claims

If you are planning to claim that you have a certain level of expertise, you need to back up the claim with the number and the types of the issues you have handled in the past. You may also want to offer a list of references of businesses or clients who were happy with the services you provided.

When you are trying to develop a plan for your contingency law firm marketing efforts, you need to go beyond the usual empty claims and phrases. This will help you create a sense of trust with potential clients, and this will encourage them to work with you, rather than your competition.When it comes to marketing your law firm, taking an “outside-the-box approach” is essential to get the attention of those who potentially need your services. Click here to learn more

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