Help Your Drains Flow Properly With Regular Septic Tank Pumping In Des Moines, Iowa

Living outside the municipal districts of Des Moines, Iowa, and it’s surrounding suburbs may require that you have a septic system installed to collect your household sewage. Without it your plumbing would quickly fill with sludge or the unhealthy waste would accumulate in the yard and pose serious problems for you and your family. The septic system is an amazing invention that is believed to have originated in France in the late eighteen hundreds. Septic tanks are the best means of controlling sewage whenever access to sewage treatment plants are not possible. In most cases the septic tank is placed in the ground, but portable tanks are available for temporary use in emergency and construction applications.

The basic function of the tank is to collect the solid waste and allow the liquid to drain off into the surrounding soil and filter into the local groundwater. To accomplish this the septic tank is connected to a series of field lines that allow the liquid to spread around. As the solid waste settles into storage a septic or anaerobic bacterial environment develops in the tank that breaks down the solid matter. Basically, live bacteria feed off parts of the sludge allowing the tank to take on more waste.

Eventually however, the tank will fill with excess waste matter and require Septic Tank Pumping in Des Moines, Iowa to remove it. This job is normally handled by large vacuum trucks that extract the waste from the tank through an access hole. This process will usually keep the tank functioning for one or more years depending on how heavy the usage is. If you find the tank filling too quickly and your drains are clogging unexpectedly you may have another problem such as a blocked field line.

While regular Septic Tank Pumping in Des Moines, Iowa is an important factor for proper septic function it is also a good idea to invest in Septic Tank Maintenance in Des Moines, Iowa as provided by contractors like Thomas Brothers Septic Tank Services. Along with the regular cleaning schedule, most maintenance programs provide for video inspection to verify the function of drain lines and the proper inspection of field lines for damage. If you are uncertain about what your maintenance program includes you should contact your septic service quickly to ensure your septic system is functioning at it’s peak.

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