Help From DWI Attorneys in Charles Town, WV

Have you been arrested for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) in the state of West Virginia and are now facing a court date? As long as you seek help from skilled DWI Attorneys in Charles Town, WV before the court date you may be able to resolve this case without doing jail time, paying huge fines and penalties, or dealing with court mandated rehab programs. The state of West Virginia takes drinking and driving very seriously and the laws certainly reflect that so you need to take your charges equally seriously if you want to emerge from this unscathed.

Many people don’t realize just how severe the DWI penalties can be in West Virginia until they actually drink and drive and get arrested for the first time, and then the fear definitely sets in. You can end up in jail, losing thousands of dollars in penalties and fees, and even in a rehab program when you get a DWI conviction in West Virginia. The penalties for each conviction get tougher and tougher, so it is smart to engage a qualified firm of DWI Attorneys in Charles Town, WV as soon as you know that you are charged with DWI the first time.

The best thing to do when you call your DWI Attorneys in Charles Town, WV is to give them all the information that you can recall from the time of the arrest. Do you have any paperwork from the arrest? Your arresting officer should have given you some papers when you were arrested. These need to be given to your lawyer so that he or she can examine them thoroughly and look for any discrepancies or irregularities. Your arrest may not have been legal, or the officer may have made a mistake in your arrest.

Even if your arrest was conducted according to the letter of the West Virginia DWI laws, and even if you are unquestionably guilty of driving while you were intoxicated, your DWI Attorneys in Charles Town, WV can work with the prosecutor and the judge to try to get you the least damaging sentence possible. It could mean the difference between jail time and keeping your life as is, so it is well worth calling the lawyer for help with your DWI.

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