Help From A Professional Child Support Lawyer In Monroe County PA

There is no doubt that divorce is difficult for everyone involved, but it’s especially hard on children. They may have questions and concerns about all the changes going on in their lives during this turbulent time. It’s best to keep their day to day life as stable as possible. To ensure this, it’s important to keep their routine and activities the same for as long as you are able. Without child support, it’s almost impossible for the custodial parent to be able to afford the necessities a child needs, let alone any extras. To make sure your child is receiving the child support he or she deserves, it’s always a good idea to speak with a Professional Child Support Lawyer in Monroe County PA. That way you can be assured that your child has every advantage possible to grow up happy and healthy, in spite of your marital problems.

Going through a divorce may seem like one battle after another, but for most couples with children, child custody and support is usually the biggest battle of all. If sole custody of a child is awarded to one parent, the other parent usually is required to pay child support. This support is to help pay for medical expense, educational needs, clothing, food and other basic items. It’s sometimes difficult to persuade the non custodial parent to pay enough child support. Some parents, of course, pay none and face legal battles or jail time over non payment. By hiring a Professional Child Support Lawyer in Monroe County PA, you will be assured that your child’s parent is paying his or her fair share of child support.

Speaking with a Professional Child Support Lawyer, such as William J. Reaser of Monroe County PA, will help you to understand child support rules and regulations. For most states, child support is paid until the child reaches the age of 18, but in certain states, such as New York, child support is to be paid, in most cases, until the child reaches the age of 21.

Child support is worth fighting for. It’s your child’s right to be provided for by both parents. If you are either going through a divorce or have gone through one in the past and aren’t getting the child support your child is entitled to, speak to a Child Support lawyer for assistance. You child deserves it! Visit The Law Offices of Megan Reaser & William J. Reaser.

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