Heating and Air Conditioner Repair in Davenport FL

For many people in the southern states such as Florida find that the oppressive heat of summer is hard to tolerate. Folks hope that their air conditioners are up to the task of keeping them cool during the summer months. Unfortunately, sometimes you find that your AC is broken and will not cool as it should. What are you going to do if you need Air Conditioner Repair in Davenport FL? There are many AC contractors in the yellow pages, but the Charles M Watts AC Company is a well known and reputable business. Watts AC is located on Nilsen Street in Haines City. They service Haines City, Davenport, Loughman, and surrounding areas.

Since 1979, the Watts family owned company have been providing air conditioning and heating services for central Florida. Services for your home or business include HVAC repairs and regular maintenance, new system installations, 24 hour emergency service, and much more. All the service technicians are fully certified and trained in the latest techniques for HVAC repair and maintenance. The techs make sure that your system is working at optimal efficiency while delivering excellent workmanship. Both commercial and residential duct cleaning are offered as well as sales of ACs and heating equipment. They carry top name, high quality products.

Air Conditioner Repair in Davenport FL is available 24 hours a day every day of the week. All you have to do is call and a professional, certified HVAC Technician will go to your home or business with parts and tools so that they can restore your system to normal working capacity as soon as possible. If you need new equipment, the expert installation services will ensure that the job is done right the first time. Many people are unaware that the quality of the installation has a huge impact on the cost of operating the system. Only fully trained and educated tech should be used for new installations.

Regular preventive maintenance on your AC system is essential to keep your unit working at maximum efficiency year in and year out. When you choose a maintenance plan, a qualified technician will automatically come to your home or business for a thorough check of the system. In this way small problems can be identified and fixed before they become large – and expensive – problems.

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