Heart Glasses put Love in your Eyes!

Heart glasses give the phrase “I only have eyes for you” a new meaning! The paper ones are wonderfully lightweight and give everything that has radiant light within your eyesight a pretty, heart-shaped image. The Single Heart Lenses in the glasses are brand new for 2015 and are great for many occasions, but especially when there’s a good reason to show the person(s) around you a fun expression of love.

Valentine’s Day

There is probably not a better time of year to show off your heart glasses than on Valentine’s Day. Of course, you want to end the day with a romantic evening. But that is for after work. What about showing some love to your co-workers? Here’s an idea: Show up to work a little earlier than usual that day, before everyone gets to their desks. After sticking your head into the office and making sure the coast is clear, quietly sit a pair on everyone’s work station. You will get a kick out of being so discreet about it as they playfully wear them all day long. If you didn’t want to keep it a secret, holographic lenses are a perfect complement to any Valentine’s Day cards you pass out to your colleagues.

Take Some to your School

Maybe the boss might say something about all of you wearing heart glasses at work (you do have to look at the computer screen throughout the day, and these bend the light to make everything look heart-shaped!), but you are sure to have a lot of fun passing them out at school. For kids, when you get on the school bus give a pair to your friends for some great Facebook photos, whether you are on the bus on the way to school, or if you want to strike a group pose with everyone in it rocking their fun eyewear. And, don’t be afraid to give a pair to your favorite teacher, and maybe even the principal. If you are in college you could do the same.


A fun way to enjoy and compliment the rest of the items at the reception will be to pass out heart glasses. Weddings symbolize love, and these glasses are another item that will make everyone remember their good time there. Adults, kids, Grandma and Grandpa will have fun wearing them all over the place (but remember, these aren’t prescription…so be careful giving them to someone you know that wear’s real glasses that help their sight!) But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get any photos. You just have to make sure that they are sitting down when they take off their real glasses as you pose for your pictures!

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