Healthy teeth start with the basics

Parents are well aware of the importance of dental hygiene and early visits to the dental office on Long Island, children keep getting cavities. The Center for Disease control which conduct periodic studies on dental health show an alarming increase in cavities in infants and toddlers. Although this is factual, the good news is that this trend is reversed when the child gets his or her permanent teeth.

Most parents are well aware of the importance of regular brushing and the avoidance of junk food. Unfortunately these basics do not appear to be enough to reverse the trend of increasing cavities in youngsters. There are other steps that can be taken to ensure that your child’s teeth remain healthy.

  • Start dental hygiene even before the baby has cut any teeth; rub the gums gently with a cloth.
  • Until the child reaches two, brush their teeth at least twice a day using just a tiny smear of fluoride tooth paste, when they hit two then switch to a pea size dollop of fluoride toothpaste.
  • Encourage your child to show independence and let them brush their own teeth, but, you follow right behind and re-brush them until you are satisfied that the child is doing a good job. Brush each tooth complete including the unseen backside.
  • At about the age of six months begin taking the child to a dental office on Long Island that specializes in pediatric dentistry. He dentist can inspect the child’s teeth and oral cavity and also give you instructions to follow for the best hygiene.
  • Once the teeth have grown to the point where they touch one another, begin flossing. This can be difficult for a child so as a parent you will probably have to do this for them until they reach eight or nine years of age.

Unfortunately many parents are of the impression that baby teeth are not important and they neglect these teeth. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Children learn at a very young age, if they have poor dental habits as a youngster, chances are this habit will stay with them for life and they will have constant dental problems as they age. Baby teeth are important for proper speech and eating and if they get multiple cavities the child can also suffer unnecessary pain.

Start good oral hygiene early in the life of your children. You are invited to make an appointment with Adelberg and Montalvan Pediatric Dental office on Long Island.

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