Healthy Adolescents into Healthy Adults

Parents understand that babies, toddlers, and young children need proper healthcare from medical professionals with their assistance, because young children cannot take care of that themselves. However, as a young child becomes a teen, healthcare tends to fall by the wayside: hectic activity schedules, after-school jobs, and larger loads of homework being just some of the reasons. Nevertheless, it’s vital for the regimen of teen health care to continue through to age 18, because even though adolescents may look full grown on the outside at 13, on the inside they still have many years of maturing left to do.

What Happens at Doctor Visits

Teens need to develop the habit of yearly doctor’s visits to make sure that they are progressing at a normal rate. That way, if any problems start between appointments, the regular visits allow any teen health care problems to be caught and treated early. The doctor or nurse practitioner, besides doing such checks as screening for high blood pressure, cholesterol, spinal curvature, obesity, and vision and hearing tests, will also advise adolescents on the benefits of developing a healthy lifestyle and how to get there through proper nutrition and the right amount of exercise.

Mental Benefits of Doctor Visits

Just as important as having their physical bodies be checked is having their minds be checked, too. A doctor or nurse practitioner does that by asking the adolescent questions. Finding out what the teen knows or feels about personal safety, sexual development, physical growth, and mental and social development is part of making sure the teen is growing into the best person that they can become. In return, medical professionals often become sounding boards for teens because sometimes it’s easier to talk to an outside source about than it is to turn to someone they know.

Benefits for Parents and Caregivers

Regular doctor visits help parents and caregivers of teens just as much as its helps the adolescents themselves. There are many pressures on adolescents today, so a partnership between an adolescent’s parents or caregiver and a medical care provider is essential more than ever for their teen’s health care. A doctor or nurse practitioner who sees a teen regularly can help parents and caregivers understand what is going on with their teen at any given point, especially if it is something that a parent or caregiver needs to know so the outside problem can be alleviated.

Therefore, if a medical professional has determined there is a serious problem with your teen that needs to be addressed, turn to Adolescent Growth here in Los Angeles. We can help them grow into the adult they were meant to become.

Adolescent Growth has built their business upon assisting parents with teen health care and many of the issues that tend to affect them while growing up.

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