Health Benefits of a Memory Foam Mattress

It may be crazy to think about sleeping this way, but people sleep just about one third of their lives, that is quite a long time to be uncomfortable if it is thought about in that aspect. This reason is why choosing a comfortable mattress that is not only effective but as equally as cost effective is extremely important. A good night’s sleep can help people in more ways than they realize, it is great for the mind, body and soul.

There is no question that a memory foam mattress is the best mattress for purchase available on the market currently, hands down. The visco-elastic material that it is crafted from is unlike any other material and is offers an incredible amount of benefits. In this particular article – the health benefits that a memory foam mattress can offer will be gone over.

Allergen Resistant

Aside from being a material that offers superior comfort, a memory foam mattress is also allergen resistant and fire retardant. Clearly, there are no other mattresses on the market that encompass all of those qualities too.

Bacterial Breeding Ground

Unfortunately, no matter which way someone looks at it, coil mattresses are a dust mite trap! Basically all of those comfy coils that are within a mattress turn into the perfect breeding ground for dust mites to reproduce, mildew and mold to grow and collect any other type of liquids, skins cells, etc. over time. That is why if one ever feels the weight of their mattress at the time of purchase and then compares it to the weight a couple years later – the mattress weighs about twice as much as it did at time of purchase.

Inorganic Material

Since a memory foam mattress is crafted from an inorganic material, any parasitic beings have nothing to feed off of. Polyurethane fibers greatly contribute to minimizing growth and parasitic growth.

Sleep Apnea

Besides the soothing and relaxing effects that a memory foam mattress has on the body, by relieving stress and pressure points, another health benefit is that from its superior support – people that suffer from sleep apnea may no longer have those issues due to misalignment of their bodies while they are sleeping.

A memory foam mattress used in conjunction to a memory foam pillow would be the most ideal for sleep apnea sufferers, because head elevation would remain at the proper level throughout the night. Sleep apnea patients, who have to use a CPAP machine, may no longer have to rely so heavily upon the machine which in turn boosts their overall health. To check out some memory foam mattresses visit Innate Sleep’s website or find them on Facebook.

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