Healing And Soothing Effects Of Crystal Salt Lamps

For centuries, cultures throughout the world have been aware of the healing powers of salt. Ancient civilizations visited salt mines and bodies of water with high salt concentrations in droves for the healing qualities found within. Countless cultures found salt to have positive effects on both physical and emotional well being.

As recently as during our lifetimes, salt continues to be treasured for its medicinal nature. We all remember our mothers insisting we gargle in warm salt water to soothe and heal a sore throat, or swish salt water around in our mouths after pulling a tooth or to treat ulcers. Though we may not have understood the science behind it, we eventually realized this time tested home remedy actually worked. Now, we find ourselves using the same therapy on our own children and, hopefully, they will continue to pass this wisdom on to future generations.

Only recently have concerns with air quality inside our homes and places of business come into play. Studies indicate our homes are filled with harmful chemicals, molds, bacteria, viruses, allergens and a number of other damaging airborne particles.

Science has proven air filters that charge the air with negative ions will improve interior air quality by removing these substances. Doing so has a tremendous positive impact on our health. While regular household cleaning can help, it is impossible to completely eliminate all such particles from the air within our homes.

In addition to these airborne pathogens and allergens, our common household electronics may negatively impact our health. Our televisions, computers, kitchen appliances and other devices send positively charged particles into the air, leading to increased nervousness and stress, difficulty concentrating and loss of sleep.

Crystal salt lamps combine the healing powers of salt with the purifying qualities of negative ionization. These salt lamps operate on a few basic principles. Heating salt crystals will attract moisture, removing excess moisture from the air. During this process, the crystals attract positive ions and bind them with negative ions, neutralizing the air within our homes. This helps to eliminate the harmful airborne substances we would otherwise breathe in.

Aside from the air purifying ability, the warm glow emanating from organic crystal salt lamps has been found to produce a soothing effect. Research shows only authentic Himalayan crystal salt lamps are able to provide all these benefits.

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