Hardwood Flooring Options and Services in Nassau County

In the past decade, home restoration has become an increasingly popular trend. More people are searching for ways to enhance older homes or bring traditional looks into their new construction residence. Carpeting every room has gone by the wayside. Today, homeowners tend to install and refinish as much Hardwood Flooring in Nassau County as they can. Since this is a fairly complicated process, it’s financially responsible for people to hire a flooring company to help find the best product for their home and expertly install the new surface.

One thing that many homeowners aren’t aware of is the variety of wood that can be used for hardwood flooring. No two styles of wood create an identical look or absorb stain the same way. Those who are new to hardwood floors tend to think that they all look the same with only a difference in shade. The fact is, floors made of maple will look different than those that are hickory. The same can be true of bamboo flooring versus a species of oak. Each grain of wood has defining characteristics. The feel also varies between species. Anyone thinking of installing new hardwood needs to look at the brands available at businesses like Anthony’s World of Floors Inc. before making a decision. This team of professionals offers free consultations that can take place at the showroom or in a customer’s home. They will work diligently with each customer to select the flooring that best suits the design of the room, customer’s vision, and overall budget. There are around twenty flooring manufacturers to order from, providing homeowners with a wide selection of woods, sizes, and stains.

installing new Hardwood Flooring in Nassau County isn’t the only thing that these professionals offer. Customers who currently have hardwood that is scratched, faded, or warped can call on companies like Anthony’s World of Floors Inc. to refurbish it. Using industrial floor sanders and dependable hand tools, the flooring technicians can remove any old finish or leftover carpet glue to take the floor down to its natural look. A new coat of stain, color approved by the customer, is then applied, followed by the appropriate finish of polyurethane. All trim work and design elements are protected during the process so that the finished product becomes a gorgeous wood floor that enhances the look of the entire room while adding more equity to the home.

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