Hang Your Poster the Right Way

by | Nov 2, 2015 | Shopping

The traditional method to hanging up a poster is to use tacks, glue, and even tape. With these types of methods though, the results aren’t pretty. Using such methods to hang up your posters can result in damage such as tearing and discoloration. A useful alternative to the traditional method is to hang your poster using a backlit poster frame.

How the Poster Frame Works

Before using any product, it’s always useful to understand how it works. This type of poster frame is essentially a thin frame that you mount on your wall. Once the frame is mounted to your wall, you can place the poster inside.

In order to provide viewers with a visually appealing image, the poster frame contains light diffusing optic acrylic backing and clear lining. The end result of a poster being placed between these two pieces is stunning. The poster stands out prominently against the LED lights, without the use of adhesives or tape.

Decorating Your Home with the Poster Frame

Once you have the poster set into the frame correctly, you need to choose the ideal space for your backlit poster frame. While there is no general rule as to where you need to place the poster, most people opt to place the image in their home movie theater, living room, or even their bedroom. In addition, frames come in many different sizes, so there is certainly something to accommodate your needs.

If you’re really looking to use the frame in a creative manner, you can line a wall with the poster frames and choose images from your favorite movies. This will give the room a theater-like atmosphere and it will also create a fun and interesting space.

In addition, these types of poster cases come in many different styles. Therefore, you can always choose a poster style that comports with the overall theme and style of the room.

Electric Costs

When it comes to choosing a lit frame, one of the main concerns is the energy cost involved. Frames usually use either LED or fluorescent bulbs, but if you’re looking to save on energy costs, then frames with LED bulbs are much more efficient.

Poster Display Cases is a business that provides movie theaters and independent buyers with a range of creative, quality-driven, and beautiful poster display cases. If you’re looking for a backlit poster frame, give them a call today.

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