Gutter Replacement in Charleston, SC Prevents Leaks and Foundation Cracks

When water runs off of a roof, the gutters collect it. During a heavy storm, they can channel thousands of gallons of water into downspouts and away from the foundation. It is critical that the gutters are properly maintained. If they aren’t, the water can spill out of them and down the side of the house. If this happens repeatedly, then the siding in that area will rot away. This leads to leaks inside of the house. If the downspout is not correctly aligned, then the water will land in the soil near the foundation. As the water combines with the soil, the pressure can become great enough to crack the foundation. Gutter Replacement in Charleston, SC is often the only answer to leaking gutters.

The homeowner should ask the contractor installing the new gutters about seamless gutters. You should contact Carolina Gutter Company of SC LLC of Charleston, SC. As gutters age they start to sag. This creates pressure where two gutter segments are joined. This is the area where gutters are most likely to leak. Seamless gutters are made in one long piece that stretch along the side of the roof. There is only a seam when the gutter meets a downspout or turns a corner. This reduces the likelihood that there will be any leak. The contractor measures the home carefully and then makes each segment of gutter at the house site. The gutters can be made out of vinyl or fiberglass. They come in a variety of colors and can be easily coordinated with any existing siding and house trim.

Homeowners who are tired of climbing on ladders every fall to clean out their gutters, should ask the contractor overseeing the Gutter Replacement in Charleston, SC about leaf guards. These are screens that prevent leaves and debris from falling into the gutter. The guards are designed to permit the water to run into the gutter, while silt, leaves and twigs blow off. Guards also prevent birds and small rodents from making their nests in gutters.

Carolina Gutter Company of SC LLC of Charleston, SC are one of the contractors that install gutters. Homeowners can Visit the website to learn more about their gutter replacement services.

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