Great Ways to Save On Your Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycles, just like cars require insurance at all times to be legally driven in the US. Failure to insure your bike could result in a suspension of license, or worse, financial responsibility in the event of an accident. It’s true that no one wants an extra monthly bill, but going without insurance could cost you even more. If you believe that you have extremely high Motorcycle Insurance rates, there are ways you can bring those costs down.

Increase Your Deductible
A simple way to reduce your insurance rates is to elect to pay a higher deductible. This means, that you are agreeing to pay more out of pocket expenses if you are in an accident. Since your insurance company does not have to pay as much if you file a claim, they can offer you a lower monthly premium. However, before doing this, please make sure that you can easily afford to pay the deductible on the off chance that you have to file a claim.

Only Pay for Minimum Coverage
Each state has a required minimum amount of insurance coverage that a driver must have. Find out what your state minimums are, and compare it to the current coverage that you have. If you find that you are paying for more coverage than necessary, you could request to change your coverage to the state allowable minimum.

Another way to save on your motorcycle insurance is to bundle insurances. If you currently have a car insurance policy, adding your motorcycle to the insurance will save you a significant amount of money each month. Other services you could bundle include homeowner’s or renter’s insurance.

Other options for getting a reasonable monthly rate on your insurance policy is to participate in motorcycle safety courses. Just like defensive driving courses, insurance companies will lower insurance rates for those that prove to be less of a liability. Since motorcycles are risky to drive, safety courses help you to stay safe while on the road and thus decrease the chances of you being in an accident.  Of course there are other ways to save on insurance for your motorcycle. By contacting Olsommer Clarke Insurance Group Inc you can learn about incentives, and programs that will help you save even more on your premium. Watch Video!


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