Golf Cart Batteries: What Need to Know in Order to Buy

Need golf cart batteries? If so, then you also want a battery that is built to deliver great performance, longevity, and reliability. These batteries are made of high quality components and meet the hurdles of the toughest, steepest courses in the world. Before you shop and make big savings on golf cart batteries, there are a few things you need to know.

Golf cart batteries may vary in voltage and capacity, but most of them are designed for deep cycling. This means they run for a longer period before being recharged. However, you should stop using your golf cart battery immediately when the battery meter reads below 30% – to add years of life to your golf cart battery.

Upgrade your golf cart battery cables. Switch from factory gauge to a gauge that provides increased performance and more power. Aim for a durable, proven and reliable golf cart battery to offer you brilliant results day in and day out. Have a regular battery maintenance routine with good watering. It takes just 30 seconds to fill a complete set of batteries.

The strength with which your electric motor will run depends mostly on the kind of battery connected to it. Golf cart batteries are categorized into 3 main types; a 6 volt, an 8 volt, and a 12 volt battery. A higher voltage means more current is being supplied to the motor and thereafore more push. When you buy a golf cart battery, you’ll receive a charger to keep the electric motor running strong. Always choose a capable battery depending on your needs.

You also have two options; traditional deep cycle wet cell batteries or advanced technology AGM batteries with C-Max technology. A good battery should promise to meet the OEM standards. Find a battery which has been tested, rated, and certified to make sure that only the most reliable and safest components are installed in your golf cart or fleet of golf carts.

Pick a company you can trust. That company should be dealing in safe, high-quality products. It should be offering great customer service, keeping a positive community impact, and must have been in the business long enough to prove it’s product’s credibility. Check their warranty and if they have a no-questions-asked return policy, this is a bonus.

The prices of golf cart batteries vary from one retail shop to another, do your research well, there are different online retailers who have different prices.

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