Go Green and Save Money with Microfiber Cleaning in Dallas

Janitorial companies and the companies they serve are always looking to save money while minimizing their impact on the environment. Microfiber cleaning in Dallas can help on both fronts.

Go Green

Microfiber cleaning supplies are friendlier to the environment than other cloth types because they penetrate into the pores of the surface being cleaned. This means that they require less cleaning chemicals and less water. In some cases, you can clean with just water. No chemicals required! Avoiding chemical use can increase their effectiveness as a green cleaning aide. Another plus is that buckets do not need to be filled as often, so less water is being used on average.

Cleaning with microfiber cloths makes it easier to clean. Anyone can use microfiber without worry of chemicals. This means that even children can use microfiber products. A quick rinse with clean water makes them ready to go for the next job.

Save Money with Microfiber Cleaning Systems

Microfiber systems save money because it is possible to get the cleaning done faster. Since buckets aren’t being filled and refilled, cleaners can move more quickly through their work. Cleaning with microfiber and water makes for fast results that are very effective.

Cloths made from microfiber can be used in residential or commercial cleaning jobs. They are becoming more popular for use in healthcare settings as they can cut down on cross-contamination with easy changing of the mop pads. They are non-abrasive and do not cause harm to the surfaces they are used on.

Microfiber is very absorbent and can clean without the use of chemicals. Not having to use chemicals saves you money. When mop pads are dirty, you can pull them off the Velcro head and replace them quickly. Dirty pads can be washed and reused again and again, so they are very cost effective.

Purchasing microfiber systems for your janitorial business or for your own use is a good investment. They will help you to keep things clean while helping you to minimize your environmental impact and saving your business money. When you are ready to make the leap, contact us in Dallas, Texas. They are happy to provide you with the supplies you need and deliver them directly to you.

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