Go Beyond the Amenities When Looking for Housing in West Lafayette

It can be easy to choose off campus housing Purdue University simply based on the amenities. With off-campus housing, you are likely to see pools, hot tubs, basketball courts, sand volleyball, tennis courts, club houses, and other amenities listed. All these things will add comfort to your life. However, you need to look beyond the amenities.

As you visit different off campus housing Purdue University options, take note of how well a property is looked after. For example, check out the appliances in the kitchen and make sure they are in good condition. Make sure the outside spaces are tidy and neat. If you see mold or dampness on the walls, this is a bad sign.

If you enjoy being outside, find a place that has apartments with outdoor areas that you can use. There may be porches or patios that just you and your roommates will have access to. See if there is room to roam within the complex. This means you will be able to go on walks and exercise while still being on the property.

Location is also important. You want something that is near the university. However, other things will affect location. For example, if there are clubs and bars nearby, this may mean that the area will not be quiet. You also want to look at crime statistics in the area to be sure you are getting a safe apartment.

Learn how Alight West Lafayette has been uniquely designed with Purdue University students in mind and how your adventure can begin in one of their furnished apartments by visiting them.

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