Glutamine Peptide Helps after Trauma

L-Glutamine is another one of the most important amino acid protein building blocks of the body. In fact, it is considered to be the most important one. Glutamine peptide is one of the many delivery methods of this particular amino acid. It may be pure l-glutamine or l-glutamine may be only one of many ingredients.

Metabolic Stress

There are many things that cause the body to become depleted from essential elements the body needs to function properly. Metabolic stress is one of the causes of the depletion of l-glutamine in the body. Metabolic stress is caused because of trauma from severe burns, cancer events and many types of infection. When these conditions happen and use of the existing l-glutamine is depleted, the muscle tissue will begin to break down, the immune system will dysfunction and there will be displacement of the gut mucosal barrier.

Reason for Glutamine Peptide

The main ingredient in the glutamine peptide is, of course, l-glutamine. However, l-glutamine is not soluble in water completely so this problem is solved by adding glutamine-containing dipeptides, which will make it water soluble and stable. In the peptide form, the l-glutamine has the ability to connect to other amino acids found naturally in the body.

Shortened Recovery from Surgery

Surgery, in any terms, is a trauma to the body and a shock to all systems. There have been studies that have shown a reduced hospital stay after some surgeries when the patient was given glutamine peptide.


Glutamine peptide is used to counteract negative side effects of medical treatments, such as chemotherapy. These side effects could be pain and swelling, diarrhea and muscle, joint and nerve pain. Chemotherapy is known to break down the immune system, and this is one of the things glutamine strengthens.

Digestive Issues

Digestive issues stretch from stomach ulcers, Crohn’s disease and various aspects of ulcerative colitis. There can be negative impacts to the digestive system when an individual is undergoing radio-chemotherapy. Again, glutamine peptide will protect the digestive system from dysfunction in these circumstances.

The Glutamine Peptide Effect
Glutamine is a free amino acid in the body and is found with more abundance than other amino acids, but it has the most positive effect in the body. The glutamine is manufactured in the individual’s muscles and then distributed to the blood stream. Wounds need nitrogen for healing and repairing purposes; a third of it comes from glutamine.

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