Give Your Employees a Polished Look

Employee uniforms can have a very positive impact on your business. When employees wear uniforms, your staff has a unified look, and you immediately reduce or eliminate dress code violations.

Another benefit to employee uniforms is that employees appreciate these. Most employees see having uniforms provided to them as a benefit since it saves them money on their wardrobes.

Choosing your employee uniforms should not be difficult, and does not require that your company provide every piece. For example, you could require that your employees wear jeans or khakis with a uniform polo shirt or t-shirt.

Deciding on your uniform shirts should be simple. For a very casual look, go with t-shirts. For a casual business appeal, choose uniform polo shirts. If you want an even more formal uniform, choose embroidered dress shirts. Choose colors that go with your overall corporate color scheme.

Your corporate apparel vendor can help you make decisions regarding the brand, color, and style of the shirts you choose. It can be helpful to meet with your vendor before setting your budget for corporate uniforms, as they can help you understand how much this process will really cost. Work with your vendor, as well, when deciding the quantity to order. Keep in mind that you will hire new employees and that uniforms will require replacement due to wear and stains.

Employee uniforms can be a very effective marketing tool. You can be assured that your employees will be seen in their uniform polo shirts or t-shirts when they are off duty, helping to keep your company’s name out in front of the community.

Choosing to move to employee uniforms can be a very smart business decision. Work with your corporate apparel vendor to ensure you can roll out the use of uniforms in a way that is seamless and cost effective for the company and employees.

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