Getting the Boost of Focus and Memory you Need with Addrena

Addrena is a non-habit forming supplement which is similar to Adderall. It helps increase your mental focus, memory and sharpness. It’s made from natural ingredients and is available over the counter with no prescription. Commonly used by college students who are faced with an abundance of work, Addrena can turn a stressed and fatigued mind into a sharp and quick tool. This supplement can provide the perfect boost you need just before a big test or essay, and can even help your memory in the event of a public speaking seminar or other class exercise.

Overworked and Fatigued Mind

It’s no secret that students in college are often overworked and stressed by their large load of courses. Many times, a student will attempt to cram as many courses in, not fully realizing the amount of homework that may be required. Unfortunately, turning away from this class can mean the difference in a failing or passing grade, so the best option is to power through and try to get it all done. Sadly, this may come at the cost of proper sleep, which can in turn cause your mind to lose focus, become slower, and fail to remember key facts. One of the quickest ways to perk up in college is through the use of energy drinks. These sugar-laden beverages may work for a short time, but will eventually send you into a downward spiral that will make you feel even more fatigued than before. A better option must be found!

Avoiding the Many Side Effects

Adderall is a prescription medication some college students have turned to. Its main benefit is in boosting cognitive skills, focus, memory and more. It has the ability to wake up your brain and bring about a second-wind, in a way. Unfortunately, it requires a prescription and can bring along numerous side effects which are none too pleasant. Addrena is similar to Adderall, requires no prescription, and is made from natural ingredients. It can be found at some local pharmacy stores or ordered online. It’s a non-habit forming supplement which can provide a quick boost to your brain when you need it most. Whether you are in school, suffering from ADHD, noticing a lack of memory, or simply want to feel sharper in the brain department, looking for options similar to Adderall is your best bet.

If you are in need of a supplement that is similar to Adderall without all of the side effects or required prescription, look for the over the counter substitute called Addrena today!

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