Getting The Best PC Based Data Acquisition System

There are a lot of different factors that may go into choosing the best PC based data acquisition system for any specific application. By working with a company that has the ability to provide technical support if it is needed, and that offers quality components with a proven record of accuracy and ease of use, you will always have a winning combination.

Options to Consider

Having the ability to monitor and record all the data required with accuracy is the first and most important component to consider with any system. There are some systems that are designed to do everything needed and still remain very versatile.

These systems typically use a PCI card that is inserted into the PCI card slot in the computer. With all the necessary software provided, and the ability to utilize the specific types of input options needed, these are a good option for virtually all applications.

Additionally, it will be essential to ensure the card is compatible with the operating system in use and the programming language and environment. This information will be available from the manufacturer, with most compatible with Windows operating systems as well as programming environments such as C++, Virtual Basic, Labview and a range of other options.

USB Boxes

These options in PC based data acquisition system provide a wider range of options with the ability to send data directly to your PC via a USB cable. These systems are often used when the data collection will be significant, and high levels of accuracy are required.

Like the PCI cards, they are should be set up to allow for multiple and mixed combinations of input options and types. These systems can automatically amplify and manage information coming into the system without the need for any additional equipment or processing.

While more costly, the provide higher levels of data management features, and with an auto-zero capacity, they are very accurate and can record data in real time from any or all sensors connected to the system.

Pressure Sensor Interface

Offering fewer channels but also providing real-time data collection and transferal to a PC through a USB cable, these are specially designed to record data from pressure sensor inputs. Able to record up to 5000 samples per second, these devices are ideal for transient pressure studies.

There are many different PC based data acquisition system options on the market today. Choosing the right model starts by knowing what you need the system to do and considering input, compatibility and accuracy.

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