Getting Started with Herbal Diet Supplements

Herbal diet supplements are only one group in the myriad of dietary supplements available today.  They come from some part of a plant which can be the seeds, flowers or the leaves of the plants that is why they are sometimes called botanical supplements.  It can be just one kind of herb or a mixture and by law each one used should be listed on the label so that you know what it is you are consuming.  Most people who take dietary supplements do so because they realize that they need to remain healthy.  But when you consider taking dietary supplements there are certain things that you must consider.

One, you must consider that even thought they are natural supplements that does not necessarily imply that they are safe.  It is possible to have an herbal supplement that has other compounds which may not be known.  Secondly, even though it is touted to have health benefits, unless there is scientific research to that effect, you should take it with a grain of salt.  Third, understand also that if you are on medication, you will need to check with your doctor to see if you can take the herbs you want to take without interfering with your prescribed medications.  There is risk of interaction.  If you are pregnant or nursing it is important that you first check with your doctor before taking any supplements including herbal diet supplements.

According the FDA a dietary supplement is one that is not mean to replace your food but to simply supplement what you eat.  It should have within it a dietary ingredient such as amino acids, vitamins, botanicals or herbs, minerals and the like or the constituents of the same.  In addition it is intended that any such dietary supplement should be taken orally.  As such it should be in the form of a liquid, tablet, gelcap, capsule, softgel or a powder to qualify.  In addition it should be labeled appropriately and identified as a dietary supplement.

It is important that when you take herbal diet supplements you read the label and follow the instructions given.  It is prudent to speak to your healthcare provider about the dosages you should take if you are not sure.  In addition, should you develop any side effects that cause concern, be sure to let your healthcare provider know this as well.  These supplements have been used by many people over the years with many health benefits.

Dietary supplements are in plenty. However herbal diet supplements are favored by most because they come from botanical sources and are therefore natural and gentle to use.

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