Getting Reputable Disability Lawyers AZ

Social security disability is a benefit that is made available to the public. The United States government set up a fund for the individuals who are in need of a way to replace income that is lost through permanent injury or a disability. However, when these people apply for these benefits they are often denied the right to claim these monies. And the reason for the denial is not always apparent to someone who feels that they are entitled to put in a claim. It is for this reason that there are many disability lawyers az who specialize in this area of law.

Get Advice From Someone Who Has Been There

There are many disability lawyers az that can be found. The many attorneys that can be found in the area is what puts some people off. They do not feel as though they can find a quality attorney. But this is not the case. Often times you will have a friend or a family member that has been through the process of getting social security disability benefits. And these are the best people from which to get a referral for an attorney. You will want to ask them a couple questions about their experience.


  • Did the attorney return your phone calls in a timely manner?
  • Was the lawyer sensitive to your needs and your disability?
  • Did the attorney give your case the attention that it deserved?
  • Was the claim successful? Are you now receiving disability benefits?
  • Overall how was your experience with the attorney?


The answers to these questions will determine the one that you choose. Only proceed with the disability lawyers az that were successful and provided the client with a positive experience.

Interview Attorneys

The next step will be to interview the disability lawyers az. You will want to meet with the lawyer or call them on the phone for the interview. During this process you will want to ensure that your case will be given the attention it deserves so that the claim is successful. You will want to ask the attorney for their experience in the disability industry, how many claims they have won for clients and the process that will be followed. A lawyer that has had success in the past and can get the claim approved in just a few months is the one that you should hire. The track record for the disability lawyers az is of the utmost importance.

Hiring disability lawyers az is the most important step in the process of getting disability benefits. Claimants that do not hire an attorney are often not successful. The denials that they face prolong the disability claim and leaves them with time where they will have no income.

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