Getting Dental Implants is a Necessary Process for Many

 People need dental implants for a variety of reasons. It could be to replace a removed tooth, to provide adequate spacing between teeth or anything else. The problem is finding the right dentist to perform the dental implants in Charleston, WV. There are a lot of dentists to choose from in the area. Here is what to look for when choosing a dentist to perform a dental implant procedure.


The first thing to look for is the dentist’s accreditation. Most dentists will proudly display where they went to dental school and where they got their accreditation. Most dentists are very trustworthy, but it is still worth it to take the time to verify the dentist’s credentials. A simple background check is all that is really necessary.


The next step is to get a recommendation. Word of mouth is always a reliable way to get a recommendation. Ask friends, family members and coworkers about whom they use for their own dental implants. Most people have had at least one dental cosmetic procedure performed at one point in their life.

If a personal recommendation is not available, the next thing is to check with the online directories to find dentists who perform dental implants in Charleston, WV. There is one benefit to search this way. These online listings often have sections where patients can leave their own personal reviews. These can be very helpful during the selection process.

Phonebooks and Internet Searches

The final place to look is in the phonebook. Every cosmetic dentist lists their business in the business section of the phone book. These listings sometimes even include special promotions within the ad for first time patients. Just look closely at all the fine details of the advertisements in the phonebook listings.

These are the main areas that a person can look when they are searching for a dentist to perform their dental implant procedure. Of all of these methods, though, the word of mouth method of finding a dental implant dentist is the most reliable. The next alternative would be the online reviews. These have to be taken with a grain of salt though because most of the time, the people that are the most negative are the people that post the most.

Dr. Nicholas Shalhoup, DDS and Nick Feola, DDS, are dentists that practice in Dunbar, West Virginia. They also offer services like cosmetic dentistry and dental implants in Charleston, WV.

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