Getting A Vehicle Ready to Transport

Before transporting a car, there are a few things that you need to do to prepare it for the ride. Cars can be transported from a car dealership to your home or from your home to another location anywhere in the country depending on the reason for the transport. An auto transport Atlanta GA wrecker service can prepare your vehicle and load it on a truck to get it from one point to the other simply. Keep in mind that longer distances will often be more expensive compared to traveling only a few miles down the road. If you are selling your vehicle and having it transported to a new owner or you are moving a car into a storage facility, consider washing the vehicle on the outside and cleaning the inside of the vehicle as well. You want it to look its best when it arrives at its new owner. If your vehicle has a lot of dirt on it or a lot of debris inside during storage, you may notice a musty odor when you remove it from the unit. Make sure the alarm is disabled before the auto transport Atlanta GA company comes to get the vehicle. This will make it easier to open and close the doors without worrying about pressing a button to get an alarm to stop sounding every few minutes. Avoid filling the car up with gas. Since it is being transported by a wrecker service, the vehicle will not use any of the gas in the tank. Examine the vehicle for leaks and any damage carefully. In the event that your vehicle is damaged during transport, you will have a clear record of what was there before and what was done after it left your presence.

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