Get to Know the Top-Shelf Cannabis Offered by Alien Labs in Long Beach

by | Jan 2, 2024 | CBD Products

You know the cannabis market is heading in the right direction when you have brands strongly competing for the right to be placed in the “top-shelf” category. Similar to the worlds of wine and fine liqueurs, top-shelf cannabis is something that connoisseurs truly appreciate, and this is why many of them trust the Alien Labs brand.

The history of Alien Labs dates back to the days when you had to show medical cards at dispensaries. The company initially focused on small-batch craft cannabis cultivation for patients. When Proposition 64 passed in 2016, the company quickly pivoted to the recreational market with the successful Zkittlez strain, which featured a clever combination of terpenes that delivered a candy-like aroma and flavor.

It did not take long for Zkittlez to become popular in the LBC, but the name was temporarily retired because of complaints from the Wrigley Company. This issue attracted news media attention, and that was when people started inquiring about
Alien Labs in Long Beach. These days, the Zkittles strain is a popular choice among people who prefer indica dominance in their sessions.

If you want to explore the products offered by Alien Labs in Long Beach, you need to visit reputable dispensaries that take pride in carrying top-shelf cannabis. The brand continues to breed new hybrids and harvest existing strains, but the product catalog has been expanded to include vaping cartridges filled with special blends of THC, CBD, and terpenes. You can also get pre-rolls and edibles from Alien Labs, but their top-shelf strains are their best-selling products.

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