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If you are a person that likes things simple, uncomplicated, and very straightforward then the Bwin rakeback program is the right one for you. However, just because it is easy to understand doesn’t mean that it isn’t generous and offered by one of the top European online poker sites and networks.

Bwin is part of the Party Gaming Network which is always in the top rankings of worldwide poker networks. As such it draws in players from all over the world and provides games, tournaments and opportunities for players of all levels and all types of experience. This gives you lots of opportunities to earn back money by simply enrolling in the Bwin rakeback.

The Options

For anyone just getting started that wants to see how a rakeback program works then the Bwin rakeback is one of the easiest programs out there. With just three levels that go from green to white to yellow you will see your rakeback percentage rise.

You will start a 9% when you start, which is higher than many online poker sites offer. However, you do need to have a tournament rake of $895, but you also earn back $80 at this level, win or lose with the hand.

From there the white level, which requires 35,000 points to achieve, will give you a 20% rakeback and the yellow level, yours at 175,000 points, will earn you back 25% with a $2,000 required tournament rake. Keep in mind at the level of the Bwin rakeback program you will clear a bonus of up to $500 per month.

The Pros of the Bwin Rakeback Program

Besides being easy to understand the Bwin rakeback also provides you with the perks of simply joining this online poker site. You will earn the bonus welcome of a 100% match up to $500 and all the excitement that comes in playing at a world class poker game.

The online account you use for your Bwin rakeback program, while only paying out on your poker play activity, also gives you access to the sites sportsbook as well as casino games. This not only provides new players coming in to the poker site but also gives you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite casino games as well.

Simple and easy is the best way to describe the Bwin rakeback program. For more information or to create an account go to

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