Get Relief From Jaw Pain with Oral Surgery in Salem OR

Even if you are lucky enough to have healthy teeth and gums, it is still possible to suffer from problems in your jaw. These type of problems can show themselves by experiencing pain when chewing, pain when yawning, a popping sound when you chew or open your mouth and pain or difficulty swallowing. While it may be tempting to think you are dealing with TMJ, there are a variety of other causes that may be at the root of your problem that aren’t as well known as TMJ is. No matter what the cause of your issue is found to be, Idylwood Dental LLC can help give you a proper diagnosis and a course of action that can eliminate your issue.

Some of the other causes of these types of symptoms can include dentofacial deformities, injury to the jaw, cysts in the jaw and a misaligned jaw. Not all of these problems will cause pain. Some of the other issues that can mean you have a problem that needs to be addressed can include your teeth or bite not lining up the way it once did, problems with your breathing, waking up with sore or tight muscles around your jaw area, grinding your teeth, difficulty biting through food with your front teeth and having broken or chipped teeth that weren’t caused by any noticed injury. Most, if not all of these issues can be diagnosed and treated by Oral Surgery Salem OR.

Since some of these issues can become worse, or cause ongoing problems with your teeth, getting a proper diagnosis is crucial to your overall health. If there is an infection in your jaw, it can spread to other areas, causing more health issues. Teeth that are hitting wrong because of a jaw that is no longer in alignment can cause chips, break or wear down your other teeth. Some people that have pain when chewing will avoid some foods that require a great deal of chewing, which can leave their diet in need of better nutrition. There is no need to have any further problems arise, when the proper treatment is at hand. For some of these issues, oral surgery in Salem OR may be necessary, while for others a less invasive solution may be the answer. The sooner you get the right treatment, the sooner you will be pain free again.

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