Get Pain Relief with a Chiropractor in St Louis

Many Americans suffer from back and neck pain. This pain is a common issue for those who have had an injury, illness, or been subjected to prolonged repetitive motions. For many sufferers, this pain can make it difficult to work or enjoy many of their daily activities. Finding assistance with this pain can be complicated, and treatments may not provide much relief. A Chiropractor in St Louis can provide an option for easing and even healing the cause of pain.

Pain Medications

Many people that have faced an injury may still continue to feel back and neck pain long after the injury has seemed to heal. For those who have issues due to an illness or repetitive motion, it may be difficult to find the cause of the pain. In many cases, these patients are treated with a variety of pain medications. Although these medications ease the pain, they often come with a lot of side effects that can be just as problematic as the pain. The medications may also cause addiction.

Chiropractic Care

A Chiropractor in St Louis offers an alternative method of treating pain. The professional staff will work with the patient and their medical history to identify the cause of the pain. With manipulation, exercise, and other individualized treatments, the team will help patients successfully treat the underlying cause of the pain. This treatment can help to reduce the pain patients feel throughout the day. In some cases, the pain is eliminated. This can help patients avoid the need for harmful pain medications.

Getting Help

When getting treatment from one doctor, it can be a little intimidating to go to another practitioner for treatment, especially when patients feel their needs are not being addressed. Fortunately, patients can find understanding staff and care at a chiropractic facility. Patients can receive a thorough examination and discuss their treatment options. In most cases, the first consultation is free. This provides patients with information without the risk of a large bill.

Many people suffer from neck and back pain with no relief in sight. Chiropractic care provides hope for these patients. The Back & Neck Care Center offers the chance for many patients to get back to enjoying their lives again.

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