Get Help on the Road to Recovery with Long Term Disability Insurance in NJ

Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. Workplace accidents, traffic accidents, and even faulty product injuries can lead to expensive medical treatments that leave an individual unable to work and earn an income for a considerable amount of time. Anyone can fall victim to an accident. That means that anyone could end up unable to earn money the that pays the rent or buys groceries. The only way to prevent serious financial issues when an accident occurs is to hold a long term disability insurance policy. Such an insurance policy will help accident victims pay their bills and recover without having to struggle to keep a roof over their family’s head or food on the table. Everyone should have Long Term Disability Insurance in NJ.

Most employers offer Long Term Disability Insurance in NJ. Employees who are injured on the job will be able to finle a claim and get the help they need while they recover. Employees with families are especially vulnerable of loss of income due to illness or serious injury. When illness or serious injury does occur the employee will receive a percentage of their income to help them pay for the things they need. Along with the insurance an employer offers individuals can purchase a supplemental policy of their own, reducing the financial burden during recovery. Its important for the individual to choose the right kind of coverage. There are different types of disability coverage, long term and short term, click here to find out more info.

Short term coverage only last three to six months. Once short term coverage expires the long term policy will begin. Both long term and short term coverage will usually offer between fifty and seventy percent of the policy holders income. While short term coverage only lasts three to six months, some injuries will take considerably longer to recover from. Policies offered by employers usually require a certain amount of time at a company, or a certain amount of hours worked. If the employee falls under the required amount of hours, or has not been employed long enough, coverage might lapse. To remedy the lapse in coverage individuals should purchase their own policy.

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