Get Help For Drug Addiction In Broward County, FL

No one really knows for sure what causes addiction. However, some experts think heredity plays a role. On the other hand, some think substance abuse is a self-defense tool. In fact, it is used to protect a person from serious emotions. Emotions like anxiety, loneliness, and depression are scary. Unfortunately, addicts never learn to deal with these emotions. Rather, they use their drug of choice to numb themselves. Before they can get help, addicts need to realize they have a problem. One of the best ways to get help is counseling.

Are you suffering with Drug Addiction in Broward County FL? Check with programs like Nextep with a proven success record. The best programs offer something for everyone. Those who are trying to work may prefer outpatient counseling. There are two types of outpatient counseling–day treatment and intensive outpatient treatment. Each person works with an addiction counselor that offers advice on the program. They are evaluated, and the counselor prepares an individual treatment program. Day Treatment involves meeting five days a week for up to six hours. Therapy and 12-step meetings are available.

Patients in intensive outpatient treatment meet three-to-four days a week for three hours. The program consists of individual and group therapy. In addition, patients are invited to educational lectures along the way. Afterward, patients can cut back on hours as they make progress. Anyone trying to beat Drug Addiction in Broward County FL can try a recovery residence. Recovery residences are homes in safe neighborhoods. It is a great way for people with similar problems to help one another. Men and women live in separate residences.

Residents have counselors and try to live within the 12-step guidelines. Further, living in a home environment teaches responsibility. Guests have a curfew and must comply with regular drug tests. In addition, the house rules are very strict. No weapons are allowed, and sexual contact is forbidden. The goal is to keep the mind focused on recovery. Patients agree to live in the recovery residence for ninety days and keep a full-time job. If you need help, call your insurance company. Many insurers cover addiction treatment. Start getting better today. Click here  for more information.

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